Our People


Mrs Dawn Fenn                              Principal                     dawnf@ridgeview.school.nz

Mrs Pri Leathart                             New Entrants/Year 1    helenb@ridgeview.school.nz

Mrs Rachael Kemball                       Year 2/3                     rachaelk@ridgeview.school.nz

Mr Adam Groen                              Year 4/5/6                  adamg@ridgeview.school.nz

Mrs Michelle Waldren                      Reading Recovery 


Mrs Janne Carter                            Office Administrator    learn@ridgeview.school.nz

Mrs Katrina Hart                             Teacher Aide

Mrs Julie Doolan                             Teacher Aide

Mr Daniel Kemball                           Teacher Aide

Mr Rob Dobson                              Cleaner/Caretaker

Mrs Lizette Snyman                        After School Care Supervisor


RidgeView School Board of Trustees

Mr Tom Brennan                             Chairperson

Mrs Shannon Foster                         Secretary

Mr Derek Morrow                            Board member - Property/Health and Safety

Mr Shannon Wilson                         Board member - Finance

Mrs Rachael Kemball                        Staff Representative

Mrs Dawn Fenn                               Principal


FORS - Friends of RidgeView School

Our FORS group are made up of parents and community members who help to run fundraising events for our school.   They run both school based and community activities. We all look forward to the school discos, Galas and annual Trivia Nights.  We are always looking for new members and encourage you to come along to a meeting to meet this friendly and enthusiastic group.

Whanau 50

Our little school is made up of approximately 50 families.  We encourage all families to contribute to fundraisers at least once each year.  We call this our 'Whanu 50' approach. Our families are both support and resourceful when it comes to fundraisers.  They help by running Fishing Competitions, Pizza lunches and running Disaster Plaster sellers.  The FORS group supports Whanau 50 fundraisers and events.