Food at school

Before School

8.15am daily

Fonterra and Sanitarium support us in providing a Breakfast Club each morning.  This is a lovely time where the children sit down with the Principal, eat a breakfast of Weetbix and talk about the day ahead.  Everyone invited.

Beginning of the school day:

Children may bring in (non messy) raw fruit and vegetables to eat as ‘brain food’.  E.g. apple pieces, banana, carrot sticks

We are supported by Fonterra and provide small cartons of cold milk for children (on request).

Morning Tea

We suggest families provide a small sweet or savoury snack for morning tea time.  E.g. biscuits, muffin, crisps, raisins, cheese etc.

NB  It is best to send children’s food in a lunchbox as the food often gets squashed in a plastic bag and children are reluctant to eat it.


We suggest families provide:

  •  fresh fruit
  • a carbohydrate based ‘main’ (e.g. sandwiches, crackers, pasta, rice)
  • a sweet/savoury snack


Water bottles are allowed in the classes.

Drinks such as juice may be drunk at break times.

We do not allow:

  • Fizzy drinks
  • Anything in a glass bottles
  • Chocolates, sweets/lollies

(We ask that you keep these as ‘home’ treats’ please.”

We ask that if you provide your child with cans of tuna etc., that they have a plastic spoon or fork to eat this with.  It is also very helpful if your child can open their own pre-packaged snacks.  This makes the duty teacher’s life a lot easier.